Diamonds Theory

Hey Sparkles,

today I have a very special thought of mine I’d like to bring out to you guys about pieces of our souls we give to others and gain them. I would like to name them diamonds, just because a piece of you, is a piece of your soul and it should be treated like its the most precious thing you have.

So: Over the years of living, growing up and learning – you collect little stories of your life and characteristics who make you being a real person. Sooner or later you will meet people you think you love, adore, like or dislike. Those you really, really like are those, who maybe are worth carrying around one of your diamond stories.

But: What if you think someone is ready to hear one of your stories, memories, thoughts and thus is able to have one of the diamonds; in worst case he’s not ready. So you now have a little whole in your diamondfield and no one can fill it.

Be: careful about who you trust and tell things. Thankful for what others give to you, they also loose some diamonds by telling you things about them. Mindful about you and your own diamondfield.

Because: Only the right persons can fulfill the right diamond emptiness in your row.



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Oh sunny day


IMG_1156 IMG_1250IMG_1159



Go out and get tan.


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April, 20.

Stay high,

Stay happy.

❤ Y.

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To all my girls/friends/people who want to find their ONE BIG Love,

„Love yourself first, before you lose your heart to someone, because who could you love without a heart?“


this time you’ll get an out of bed article. This morning I sat outside and thought about all the problems and things my girlfriends told my last time about their guy,-or boyfriends. I realized that all the problems mostly rise in a relationship because there is ONE problem.

Story of my life: In my life I dated a few, not as much as you think, but a few people and I made my experiences with those who a are looking for the big love and cloud 9 feeling. But I’ll tell you something. I met men, who are and I can tell that without any remorses, as such, dream lovers. But no matter how good, or bad a man seems to be in your life, you can NEVER, just never love or adore someone who already is perfect, when you are not.

Of course no one of us is perfect, but the key to (more) happiness in life should be and IS, that you need to detect your own perfection so you can cause fascination everywhere you go.

And this, I personally think, is one of the important things in life you should learn. Because neglection causes more trouble in your head, than you could imagine. You meet a man, woman, whatever. Okay, and then? He or she seems always „perfect“ on the first sight. But the only thing you should think is „Can I be myself with him/her?“

BUT how can you answer that question, when you don’t really know WHO YOU ARE.

FullSizeRender (1)

Think about that & Stay sparkly.


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Overflowing with gratitude

Lucky fellows,

don’t you think, mornings – some – have something inspirational? As you know is my blog mostly written out of special moments and I’d like to maintain that principle. As you know as well, I wanted to start a weekly facts of the week thing BUT as I know myself the most, I knew that I couldnt do it regularly. Shame on me, but that’st the way it is. Therefor I’d like to start a random list on which I list things in life I was and am THANKFUL for.

7 things this week, I am very thankful for:

  1. the sun
  2. the wind
  3. birds
  4. smoothies
  5. my family
  6. music
  7. my best friend. ♥

Stay peaceful,


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Inspiration everywhere

Hello Guys,

my last post was about summer and how much I miss the sun because it was a really rainy time in germany. But last saturday we had such a nice weather that I had to go out and spend some time in the sun. If you’re in germany, Bonn, you need to visit this place.


As always, I have some pictures for you. And if you are staying in a big, or smaller city, sometimes it’s so important to see some nature.


By the way, I have a wonderful music tipp for you guys: Just listen to it.

FullSizeRender (1)


Stay green,



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Nice Days (finish last)

…long time no read! I know, I know. As some of you may are as well, I’m a poor, poor student who has to learn a lot for the coming exams. BUT all of the learning time can be sometimes very hard, so I decided to let myself a little rest today. I went to a really nice place in Bonn, Germany. It was a very inspirational walk.

green greets,


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